Your Child's Able To Spot The Differences Between Two Images

Spot the differences is one of the most loved activities of kids this age. Give your child 2 similar looking pictures with just some minute differences and your child will love to spend time finding the differences. With his keen sense of observation, he will be able to spot the differences that even adults will not be able to find so quickly. Being able to find all the differences will help boost his self-confidence and self-worth. As his patience levels have improved, he is able to stick on with the task till he is able to do it completely.Your Child's Able To Spot The Differences Between Two Images

What you need to know

Compare and contrast are important skills that your child is developing right now. There are lots of books that have these activities. Encourage your child to practice these skills. This attention to detail that your child is learning right now will help him later on in his life as well.

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