Your Child's Able To Systematically Organise Ideas & Facts While Expressing Her Views

Now when your child is narrating an incidence from school, it is not just a jumble of words but thoughts and ideas expressed sequentially to make complete sense. This is because your baby has now learnt sequencing, which is an ability to arrange thoughts, words and ideas in an effective order to make complete sense. With the understanding of sequencing, your baby will also find it easier to follow instructions that have multiple steps.Your Child's Able To Systematically Organise Ideas & Facts While Expressing Her Views

What you need to know

Sequencing can happen only after your child has sufficiently developed his working memory. This gives your child the ability to store new information and retrieve them in the middle of an activity or sentence. So even when he is speaking a sentence, his brain has already started working on the formation of the next idea or sentence. Pay attention to your child when he is narrating something to you. This will encourage him to work better on his working memory.




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