Your Child's Actions Are Indeed Louder Than His Words!

As your child progresses during this stage, their physical and muscular development becomes increasingly important, as a result of which their actions happen in full swing, and they express themselves enthusiastically by jumping, hopping, running, etc.

What you need to know

Muscle exercise is important for your kid, it is your duty to make your child active by engaging them in various movements, like making your child draw a circle on their own and jumping in and out of it. Appreciate your child in whatever action they undertake. Your child will feel invigorated when their mind works in tandem to come up with new action plans for their body, such as building a tower of blocks, turning 2-3 pages at a time, painting dots and lines, etc.Your Child's Actions Are Indeed Louder Than His Words!

During this period, your child rapidly improves this skill and sometimes becomes more independent by picking up and manipulating objects without having to ask for help. Through increased independence your child will now be prepared to do much more for themselves and be self-reliant. This will be a time of tremendous development for your child. They may follow timelines less closely, but they will be developing exciting new skills all the time. It will be really important to supervise, since it’s easy for children to fall as they stand, walk and explore more and since they like to put things in their mouths.

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