Your Child's Aggressive Modes of Expression- Is He A Bully?

Your Child's Aggressive Modes of Expression- Is He A Bully?
2y to 3y

Your little rockstar is occasionally guilty of hitting their younger siblings. This might seem like bullying; after all, your child is a big person hitting a smaller child. Luckily for your child, that's not how you see it.

What you need to know

Your child doesn't know how else to express themselves at this age, so you just step in quickly and explain your child that you don't like that behavior and it's not okay. You had the right attitude. While many parents of hitters, biters, and spitters panic when their child acts out, they shouldn't feel too bad. Technically, a child this young can't be a bully. Two and 3 year olds don't yet fully understand their emotions or anyone else's, so they don't intentionally hurt someone's feelings.

Bullying as a tool

Children’s are constantly testing cause and effect; if they do this, what will happen? They are also using the only tools they have; they will perform bullying as though they really wanted to hurt other people or children. They don't have the skills to get what they want in a reasonable way, so they may act pushy or overly defiant.

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