Your Child's Changing Food Fancies and Avoiding Choking Hazards

Your child has entered that age where food needs to be offered keeping its nutrient content in mind.  At the same time, now that they have their own set of food fancies, it is quintessential that caution is maintained when serving food to them, as you wouldn't want any choking hazards. For school going kids it is important that parents offer protein rich food so that they can acquire energy to perform a variety of activities. But, one must also be careful of choking hazards. Your Child's Changing Food Fancies and Avoiding Choking Hazards

What you should know

Ensure that you never offer food products which can choke the child’s throat. You as a mother need to be very specific before giving food to the kid. Slippery food items such as grapes, poultry and meat slices should be taken into consideration and candies should be selectively offered to small kids. Avoid those candies which have a circular shape and shiny surface.

Nuts, raisins, carrot pieces, chips and popcorn are some other food products, which might prove harmful for your child. Make sure you teach the child how to chew these food items well before they try to swallow them. Also, like most kids, your little one might also be in a hurry to complete his/her food. You have to be strict in correcting the kid’s behavior so that he can carefully eat his food.

However, never instill fear of anything, rather explain why certain things he needs to be careful about.




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