Your Child's Changing Psychology- Is He An Introvert?

Your Child's Changing Psychology- Is He An Introvert?
Verbal language

At this stage, your child's psychology too is rapidly changing alongside his physical and emotional changes. Children will vary a lot in how much they seem to naturally pick up particular psychological skills vs. needing explicit adult help with that skill. Some kids will need more “scaffolding” of particular skills. This means more demonstrating and coaching, and breaking down the skills into smaller skills that are easier for your child to learn

What you need to know
One child might need to practice approaching another child, saying their name, and asking the other child’s name, before moving on to practicing the next stage of a “making-friends” conversation. Even bright children might need this help. This is especially true of shy or anxious children and introverts because these children don’t get as much exposure to “social learning opportunities”.

If you notice that your child seems to prefer adult company or is socially awkward, give them a hand in improving their psychological skills. Role playing is an excellent way to teach psychological skills. Both dads and mums should take turns practicing with the child when possible. It’s good for children to practice with more than one person and especially to get comfortable with people of different genders. It is important that children must think of themselves positively, and expect that good things will happen in the future.

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