Your Child's Choices Are Getting Larger in Number

As your child steps into his fifth year, you would suddenly find him with an uncanny desire to make choices; choices regarding toys, food, people, places, T.V. cartoons, etc. It is possible that you don't agree with quite a few things he chooses to do, and here the tussle begins.

What you need to know

Well, we agree that it is not possible to agree upon everything that he chooses to do, but there can always be a middle path as a resolution. Getting into an argument with your child is a big no no in healthy parenting. This shakes up the child’s emotional security and a sensitive child may also drift away from you, in many ways.

What you can do 

The best way to deal with a child is in such a situation is to respect his choice first. It doesn't matter if it is good or bad. Later on, sit with him and patiently talk it out with him about why this cannot be a great thing for him. Also, hear him out patiently. Your child’s thoughts and views are equally important for making him a confident and self reliant individual. It is important to reason out everything to your kid. An outright rejection can harm his self respect in a big way.

A simple example: Your kid is crazy about chocolates, and you feel they are bad for him. Now, an outright 'No' is not of any help. Explain to him why chocolates are bad. This way he knows that you respect his choice but care about his well being, as well. Kids are smart, they understand only if you hit the right notes. Respect his choice today, he will definitely respect yours tomorrow.

Your Child's Choices Are Getting Larger in Number

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