Your Child's Cognitive and Analytic Skills Are Buzzing Now

Your little one is 5 years old and at this stage, he is most likely to start articulating his feelings! Your kid will naturally feel empathy to see a friend in distress and say, "I'm sorry you are sad." You might hear often, "I'm angry with you, mommy".

Your cutie pie will pamper you when you are ill and try to keep calm under pressure. This is due to the development of his cognitive skills, which involve learning to evaluate, analyze, remember, make comparisons and understand cause and effect in various aspects of life.

Your Child's Cognitive and Analytic Skills Are Buzzing Now

At this point, you notice that your bundle of joy has an increased ability to focus on one thing for longer periods and complete tasks.

What you need to know

You can help your little one to develop his ability to focus by pointing out things that seem  interesting and then asking to comment on his observations.

For example, a trip to the zoo might result in some specific questions, like 'What animal was your favorite?and What did you like best about this animal?' Questions like these will help your kid pay closer attention to what he is exposed to and also challenge his ability to choose specific words to describe his thoughts.


Enjoy this phase of new found emotional independence in your angel.




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