Your Child's Confidence is Blossoming Now

With growing independence and growing understanding of things, your child's confidence is also blooming at this stage. Although this is dependent on a list of factors, positivity is what keeps your child's confidence soaring high.

What you need to know

Your Child's Confidence is Blossoming Now

Confidence is one core trait kids will need to pursue their future endeavors. Are children born with confidence or is it a skill that can be developed? It’s a little of both. Certainly, children are born with personality traits, but many behaviors including confidence can also be developed over time with experiences.

What you need to do

At one point or another, your child will encounter experiences that will challenge him. It’s true you certainly can’t avoid all of these things. As a caregiver, think, plan, and respond to these events, especially things that seem to frighten your child. Be especially mindful of what is on the television and what is happening in the environments around your child. Change directions when you can to avoid content that may not yet be appropriate for your child.

You may see your child react to a new experience by covering their ears or even crying. Respect your child’s feelings, empathize, but also cheer your child on through these situations.

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