Your Child's Consciousness is Rising, But What's The Downside in It?

Your Child's Consciousness is Rising, But What's The Downside in It?
Emotional Development

Your little one's conscious understanding is growing day by day. However, sometimes, there's a little downside to it, as he starts becoming possessive of the people and things he own.

You know that sharing is a show of kindness, but your kid is never willing to share; so does that mean that your child is unkind? Your child will scream out ‘mine’ the minute they see that their toy is being picked up by someone else, but this should not be a cause of concern for parents. Being attached and getting possessive about their things is natural at this age and can in no way be judged as unkindness.

What you need to know
Sharing is a skill that your child will develop over several years but as parents it sure is an embarrassing moment when your child refuses to share the toys on a play date at home. Your continuous intervention is required to dissolve the tantrums and squabbles that will erupt every few minutes. However, if you have other children the same age playing along then you might notice that all of them show the same kind of traits, albeit at different levels.

Kids are impulsive at this age
It is not that your child does not know that sharing is good, and you must have also reinforced it several times, but your child is still too young to be consistent and aware of their behaviour at all times. Your child is still very impulsive and does not have a very good understanding of time, so waiting for their turn while the friend plays with the toy is a challenge.

On the other hand you may notice that your child loves to draw pictures and cards and present them to you and the teachers with great pride. This is because your child is learning the joy of sharing and soon it will become a part of their personality.

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