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Your Child's Creativity Is Ready To Be Enhanced Through Free-Play Every Day

Your Child's Creativity Is Ready To Be Enhanced Through Free-Play Every Day
4 to 5 years child growth
Problem solving

At this age, independent and free play time enhances your child’s creative abilities and problem solving skills. When she sees that she is being perceived as being old enough to form her own rules, decide what to play and take ownership of her activities, it builds on her self-confidence.

What you need to know

You might love to always be around your kiddo and ensure that every minute of her day is spent in learning something. However, in doing so, you tend to forget the importance of "me-time" for your child. Like all of us, children also love to have some time of their own when they can play independently, without any interference from others. Children spend most of their time in adult led and organised activities with no time for free play. 

Children feel a sense of pride when they are taking decisions themselves and setting parameters on how to spend their time. Solitary play time is also the time when the brain is not bombarded with new information and instead has to use the information already stored to come up with creative ideas to spend time. Children do not feel the pressure to perform as it is their time and nobody is watching so they can give wings to their imagination.