Your Child's Curiosity Now Has An Application Of Logic

Your Child's Curiosity Now Has An Application Of Logic
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At this point, your child is more fascinated with the outside world and is very much curious to know about the various secrets of nature. He becomes more independent with his opinions and looks to his peers and parents as authority figures to form his ideas. They are still growing up with the innocence and the curiosity to learn about their surroundings.

What you need to know
Your child continues to develop their objective skills and logical reasoning during their elementary school. They show an unquenchable thirst towards learning and try applying logic to get a solution. They tend to show curiosity in every field of interest. Generally, kids of this age tend to ask many questions in order to understand a concept. They learn with a great enthusiasm towards the subject.

Your child will be much more fascinated towards things that interest them, like that of their hobbies, for example, writing, drawing and painting, collecting stamps and various other hobbies. They enjoy listening to stories with more realism. They also engage themselves in day-to-day roles they observe like that of their teacher, doctor, etc and try enacting their roles. They like to be challenged and take challenges in a positive spirit of learning. Your child would tend to use logic to solve many problems they face, and does not always depend on you.