Your Child's Empathy Has Now Improved Exponentially

Your Child's Empathy Has Now Improved Exponentially

Your child is now beginning to understand others feelings, notices how people behave differently, empathize at times and argues if they don't agree with his views. This understanding will enable him to negotiate differences. This is the time when you should allow your child to express himself well so that understands social behavior.

What you need to know

There will be several instances where your child will show behavior that will be extremely commendable. For instance, if your child has upset his best friend, he will try to work out a solution by cracking a joke or just say sorry and become friends again. Appreciate such an act and encourage him to do again. Your child may also try to empathize with other’s feelings on one hand, and stand by his own ideas on the other. Allow your child to listen to his heart and decide. Never always teach your child to bow down, it might hurt his self respect.

To sustain friendships, your child will try to negotiate mutual wants and needs. In this process it is very important for your child to express his feelings. For instance, you sense he is upset about something and is not willing to share. Provide a secured environment at home where he feels free to discuss his problems. Express care and understanding. This will help enhance his relational, emotional and social maturity.




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