Your Child's Fine Motor Skills Are Radically Enhancing Now

At this point, your child's fine motor skills become more important as now besides getting more independent, these skills are linked to problem solving and cognitive learning. She is able to build a tower of blocks, hold a crayon with her thumb and fingers, make horizontal, vertical and circular strokes with pencil, has better control using scissors, threads large beads into strings, unfasten buttons, establishes hand preference, paints on paper using her whole arm to move the paintbrush to name a few. Your Child's Fine Motor Skills Are Radically Enhancing Now


What you need to know


With this increased independence, she is now prepared to do much more for herself. To develop control, dexterity and pincer grasp, provide ample opportunities to your child like kneading objects out of play-dough, connecting dots on paper, pop bubble wrap, create a book where she decorates the pages with stickers etc. Incorporating these practical activities into daily routines will support the development of fine motor skills.




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