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Your Child's Fine Motor Skills Can Now Strengthen With A Simple Thing

Your Child's Fine Motor Skills Can Now Strengthen With A Simple Thing
4 to 5 years child growth
Eye-Hand movement

This is the age when your child is open to learn things. He has a hungry brain at this stage and wants to grasp more knowledge. Since his mind is more dynamic, simple tasks can actually make him have heaps and bounds of development, for instance, strengthening his fine motor skills.
He is learning different subjects at school but what about teaching at home? You as a mother need to be his tutor at home so that he can learn more information and activities. Teach the child how to trace an image. This is a fun activity which would test the child’s understanding about shapes and also his fine motor skills.

What you can do
Offer the kid with a basic image and a tracing paper. Sit with the child to demonstrate the activity. Show him how to place the tracing paper and draw the outline of the image. Ask him to copy your actions. Once the outlining is complete ask the child to trace the minute detailing in the image. Teach the child to follow the exact figure without crossing the boundary line. Once the child has perfected the art to trace simple figures, you can offer him human images and then ask him to trace them.