Your Child's Food Habits Are Changing Quickly

By now, your child would have started exploring various food items and started experimenting with their food. Now you can get rid of the conventional food for the little ones and start with healthy food items that can help the kid develop their physical and mental strength. But you as a mother need to draw a fine line so that your little one does not consume unhealthy items.

What you need to know
Make your pre-schooler develop a habit of eating green vegetables and fruits. You can experiment by serving fruit salad which would help you analyse what fruit the child likes. If the kid consumes all the fruits then count it as a positive sign. Children often show an aversion towards eating green vegetables. To make them eat you can make the dish differently by adding herbs and seasonings to make it tasty. Grated and mashed vegetables can be mixed into soups or used as paratha stuffing.

Say NO to Junk Food
Make sure your child stays away from fried and junk items. It is very important for you to maintain a strict diet that benefits the kid’s growth. Entice your kid to eat or drink healthy stuff that he doesn’t like by promising a healthy but tasty snack later.Your Child's Food Habits Are Changing Quickly

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