Your Child's Food Options Need A Check

Your Child's Food Options Need A Check
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Now that your child is spending more time at school, you want to ensure his lunch has all nutritious choices of food. Also he has around 20 minutes to finish lunch. You have to ensure user friendly foods for him as well as healthy.

What you need to know 
Whole grain breads for sandwiches, raw vegetables, fruits, whole wheat crackers, etc. are good choices. Also you need to include some fun foods for a healthy treat like baked potato chips, trail mix or raisins, nuts or soy nuts etc.

Give him choices
Involve him in the preparation of lunch and talk about healthy choices like whole grain, fruits and vegetables. For instance, ask him "Would you like to have a paratha or sandwich for lunch?" Do you want some raisins or crackers along with the sandwich? Once decided put things on the table and let him assemble it. Giving him some control over choosing and packing his lunch will boost his sense of pride in having a hand in preparing his meal.

Choosing a lunchbox
You also have to ensure that the type of lunch box/container can be easily opened by your child. If it’s a new box, get your child to practice opening it before he takes it to school. Let the box have several compartments where along with the main lunch, finger foods like cheese, chickpeas, and crackers can be kept. Overall the lunch, besides being healthy, can be made to look colourful too.

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