Your Child's Frequent Aggressiveness Can Be Deal With A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Your child at this stage might be slightly aggressive and often show attitude if he doesn't get what he needs or what he asked for.

For instance, your child asked you for ice cream but you know he is suffering from cold already and so you refuse his request. He will cry, shout at you in public in his adamant state, and make you feel embarrassed. Being a responsible parent, you must make your child understand the adverse effects of doing certain things at the wrong time, in this case, having ice-cream while having a cold.

Your Child's Frequent Aggressiveness Can Be Deal With A Taste of Their Own Medicine

What you need to know

Some kids understand this easily, some don't. If your kid belongs to the second case, don't worry. Sometimes it is necessary for one to feel the consequence to realize how wrong they were. Get him ice cream just next day despite the cold. 

For once, when he will understand you were right and he shouldn't have been stubborn for the ice-cream, he wouldn't repeat the same mistake again. Sometimes, the taste of their own medicine is required to let them know what is wrong and what is right.

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