Your Child's Growing Curiosity- Can Ask Questions About Sex! Don't Be Alarmed!

Your Child's Growing Curiosity- Can Ask Questions About Sex! Don't Be Alarmed!
2y to 3y

Your child's mind is a big curious hub that has questions and queries buzzing every minute, every second. It is natural that he may also flood you with questions related to sex. But this is absolutely normal and you need not be alarmed at all!

Every day events will give you plenty of chances to teach your child about topics related to sex. These are called teachable moments.

What you need to know

For example, talking about body parts during bath time will be much more effective than talking about body parts during dinner. A pregnancy or birth in the family is a good time to discuss how babies are conceived and born. Your child will begin to learn about his own body. It is important to teach your child the proper names for body parts. Making up names for body parts may give the idea that there is something bad about the proper name. Also, teach your child which parts are private.

How to talk about sex

Teachable moments can happen anywhere while shopping, at the movies, or even at the park. Use them when they happen. You won't need to make a speech. First, find out what your child already knows. Let your child guide the talk with their questions.

Some children may not ask for information if they think you might be uneasy with it. Others might test you by asking embarrassing questions. Talk openly, and let your child know they can ask you about anything. If you are uneasy talking about sex or answering certain questions, be honest about that too. Consider asking a relative, close family friend, or your pediatrician to help talk to your child.