Your Child's Identification Potential is Enhanced Now! Help Him Learn Some Significances

Initiating a new development phase, at this age, your child starts recognizing things scattered around. Your child has started getting attracted to vibrant colors. Now is the stage where you need to jiggle your mind and come up with innovative ways of training them, like buying books with vibrant colored shapes.

What you need to know

Well, it is all about developing their brain power and recognition skills that adds to their mental growth. Now, the question is how you should proceed in making your child recognize the colors. One good way is by making funny faces or doing some relative actions in association to each colour. Moreover, mixing this with emotional expressions also helps a lot.Your Child's Identification Potential is Enhanced Now! Help Him Learn Some Significances

For example, red is meant for anger or fiery; so making angry faces and speaking accordingly will definitely help. Use innovative tactics like this to come up with novel ways of teaching your little one.

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