Your Child's Imagination Now Makes Him A Wondrous Explorer

Your Child's Imagination Now Makes Him A Wondrous Explorer
Cognitive Development

Your child has now learnt to listen to and understand everything you tell them. Their senses have gained the ability to function in accordance with their mind. This is the perfect time to teach them how to use their imagination to explore new things. It is important to test and challenge your kid’s ability so that their brain develops at a decent pace.

What you need to know
There are different activities which can be performed so that your kid can learn to build new things using their imaginative power. The simple way is to offer the little one any two simple items such as a thread and a stick. The first step should be to observe. Let the kid take their own time to observe the items and then work on them. The second step is to demonstrate.

For example, you can show the pre-schooler how to tie the thread on the stick to create a beam-balance. This would push the kid to make something on their own. You can change objects every day so that their mind could also adapt to greater challenges.