Your Child's Interactive Skills Are Buzzing

Your child has reached an age where they can emote, express and understand sounds and actions. When the kid is over 3 years old it is the right time to work on polishing up their mental capabilities. This can be achieved through various tactics.

What you need to know

It is important to observe and understand the kid’s behaviour so that you can figure out fun ways to sharpen your kid’s memory. The first step should be to make the kid explore their surroundings. Let them experience new places, people and things. You can test the little one’s memory by taking them to any nearby place and asking them to take you back home.Your Child's Interactive Skills Are Buzzing

This is a simple and easy way to develop a sharp memory. Reading also helps in this task. Let the kid read books and other informative sources so that they can store some part of it in their brain. The most important activity is to ask questions to the child at the end of the day. You can ask them about what they did in the morning, whom they met during the day, what they ate, etc.

Such steps would prove very beneficial for your pre-schooler.

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