Your Child's Is An Inquisitive Soul At This Point

3-4 year olds have a lot of questions. And yes, this can be quite annoying at times, but nurturing a child’s curiosity is important. In fact, if your child is asking questions, it’s an indication that your little one is developing beautifully. Asking questions is an indicative of their cognitive development. 

What you need to know

Were you preparing dinner and your child suddenly asked, “Why is the sky blue?” or were you sitting and watching a movie and your kid said, “Where did I come from?” Good! His mind is fully inquisitive to know more things.

Apart from their ever-growing curiosity, there are several other cognitive things that a 3-4 year old child would be able to do. For instance, they are able to familiarize themselves with colors and know how some things may be the same or different. They can follow commands correctly and remember stories (or at least part of stories). Kids can even start to understand time, like whether its afternoon, morning or night. Plus, they understand the concept of counting and can sort shapes and colors. This is the time when they can recognize common pictures as well as objects.

Your Child's Is An Inquisitive Soul At This Point




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