Your Child’s Knowledge About The World Might Arise Fears In Her

By this time your growing kid might have some fears about the world while exploring, having new experiences and confronting challenges so, anxieties are unavoidable. May be fear of darkness, fear of being left alone, fear of animals etc. are common.

What you need to know:

At this stage, if your child’s fears persist and interfere with her daily enjoyment you should seek help from a professional. It is necessary to talk to your child about her fears, be sympathetic with her and tell her that you also faced the same in your childhood. Encourage your kid to confront her fears but don’t force her. Train her but let her do it at her own speed.  Most of the fears are mild and generally subside on their own by middle childhood. Sometimes fears can become extreme and develop into phobias. For example: A 5 year old’s phobia about a dog can get her panicked and she will not want to go for outdoor games. Phobias can cause physical symptoms like headaches or stomach pains. You should remember, most phobias are treatable. 

Your Child’s Knowledge About The World Might Arise Fears In Her

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