Your Child's Language and Pronunciation is Becoming More Clear Now

Nearing age three, at this stage, your child is able to communicate their needs clearly through language using simple sentences and clearer pronunciation. They are learning vocabulary very fast and quickly use new words they hear you say. They can use language to talk about what has happened in the past and what they would like to do. With their clearer speech they have conversations with their friends and with people outside of their family.

What you need to know
Families who speak a language other than English at home can use their home language as their primary language with children. Learning their home language helps children feel connected to their family and culture. They can learn English at the same time if the family is bilingual or they can learn English when they begin childcare or school.

Many of the things that you already do with your child help him or her learn to speak. Family members naturally talk about what is happening right now with children. This helps children to associate words with the things and experiences they are having. Families support language learning by talking, reading and singing to their children in their home language. Children who have this opportunity to become bilingual at an early age will benefit from the use of both languages throughout their lives.Your Child's Language and Pronunciation is Becoming More Clear Now

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