Your Child's Language Development is Intensifying- Here's An Insight

Your Child's Language Development is Intensifying- Here's An Insight
Verbal language

At this point, your child's knowledge on language is slowly becoming expansive. Mostly, above two year olds typically utter between 70 and 225 different words, but late talkers only speak around 50 words or fewer. Some of the earliest words all children picked up included "cat", "dog", "car", "shoe" and "no".

What you need to know

A growing body of research shows that children develop language more swiftly if they are engaged in real conversations rather than left to watch children’s television programmes. The effect is thought to be related to the amount of direct interaction with others, rather than being a negative influence of television programmes. You should take a call to improve your child’s vocabulary at the age of 2 years itself so that your child will not have problem in pronunciation of clear speech.

The need for Vocabulary tests

Simple vocabulary tests on children as young as this age can identify those who will find it difficult to learn a language and lag behind their peers in becoming fluent. The doctors who developed the tests said they provided a crucial means of spotting children who could benefit from early language therapy to help them reach their full potential. Though most children who are late talkers catch up by the age of five, a significant number have specific language impairments that can affect their ability to read and learn at school and in later life.