Your Child's Language Literacy Is Expanding

Language learning in your child at this stage impacts the literacy and understanding of the dimensions of language like the sound, meaning of words, phrases, and the usage and patterns of it. This helps to improve reading and writing which in turn noticeably helps your child to expand their experience with words. This interaction with language, literacy and cognitive development forms the overall basis for your child’s academic development.

What you need to know
Your child is now rapidly building up their vocabulary with words read or heard. It has been said that a child at this age can on an average learn up to 20 new words a day. They not only learn but also develop knowledge of the words; they use them in communications as well as talk about the words and their different forms.

Academic development of language skills

Academically the children will be introduced to adverbs, adjectives, verbs, nouns, pronouns, tenses which enhance their language application. They would now be able to recognize the direction of location like under/on/in/out etc. You can see that they have a control on the volume, tone and pitch of speech. Slowly they begin to understand grammar and are well aware of opposites. Their conversation has a proper beginning and ending – they would not stop abruptly or begin the conversation haphazardly.Your Child's Language Literacy Is Expanding

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