Your Child's Language Skills Are Extensively Flourishing Now

Your child is now at the height of his language development phase. You will see that your little champ is using new words every day. Your child will be using words to express thoughts, needs and feelings. Language skills will continue to grow really fast till your child attains the age of 3. The vocabulary learnt at this age will come in very handy when your child starts reading at a later age.

What you need to know
A typical 2 year old knows about 20-200 words and his vocabulary will grow to become about 1,000 words by the age of 3. However your efforts in helping your child in language skills will make sure that your child gets better every day. Most children at this age are getting better with their grammar skills and are able to put together 2-3 words to convey their thoughts like more apple, car mine, play doll, etc. With your effort your child will start adding more words in the sentence and will be asking their first questions using what, where, why, etc.

Understanding 2-part commands
Your child will also be able to understand your two-part commands like: Get your shoes and wear them, go to the toy shelf and get the doll, etc. You will have to spend more time with your child having conversations to make your child more comfortable forming sentences and gain confidence in using them.

Your Child's Language Skills Are Extensively Flourishing Now

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