Your Child's Math Skills Can Get Better With Everyday Life Examples

Your child at this stage has an innate hunger for knowledge. They have unending curiosity and excitement about the things around them and often ask questions of how and why. They take pride in showing off their knowledge and their self-confidence gets a boost by the fact that they can answer questions.

Your child has by now achieved basic math skills and can handle simple operations of additions and subtractions. They are able to apply these skills in simple word problems and work out the solutions. This is the time when parents can incorporate the new found math skills in everyday life to give the child more practice and confidence.

What you need to do
Try to give your child as many opportunities to count, add and subtract things around. The trick is to do it in such a way that the child takes it more as a play rather than study. Making them feel like it is study may put them off completely. Try to make sure that your child is practicing math skills while at the same time learning about everyday life as well.

Your Child's Math Skills Can Get Better With Everyday Life Examples

One example of how it can be done is, while cleaning the children’s room, ask them to help sort out the toys into two lots – one lot for the toys that are used and the second lot for the ones outgrown. Ask your child to count, compare and add the number of toys. Now encourage your child to give away the outgrown toys to the underprivileged. This will be a great opportunity for you to give your child some life lessons.

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