Your Child's Mind is Buzzing With Logical Reasoning Potential Now

Your Child's Mind is Buzzing With Logical Reasoning Potential Now

After going through the stage of understanding that they are independent persons separate from their parents, your child at this stage starts looking at the world differently.

Your little one has started understanding that things are logically connected to each other. As they explore the world they would start to realise that actions lead to results, for example, if they eat they are not hungry anymore, if they take their medicine they feel better and if they stack their blocks they can make a tower. These are important leanings that the child will have with everyday experiences. You will also notice a lot of ‘why’ questions in your child’s conversation.

What you need to know
Your child wants to understand the world and wants to put 2 and 2 together. This is a critical thinking stage of your child and as parents you will need to support the process. It can be really tiring at times to answer their whole string of questions but your will have to be patient. Do not answer your child’s questions right away, instead make them think. Ask them what they think could be the right answer. This way you will keep your child’s mind ticking.

What you need to do
You can also make it a habit of asking your child ‘why’ questions. Ask them why the snow falls, where does the sun go at night, etc. Your child will come up with some very creative ideas that will enhance their creativity, logical and sequential thinking.

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