Your Child's More Likely To Feel Guilt & Shame In A Particular Situation

Your little darling is not that self-centered anymore. He has started thinking beyond ‘Me’ and ‘I’. Other people’s feelings also matter now and he feels guilt and remorse if he hurts others. Your child is now able to put himself in the other person’s shoes and know how they must be felling. This gives him a sense of guilt. His understanding of right from wrong and high moral fiber also makes him feel ashamed of some of the acts that he feels was wrong on his part and may have hurt others.Your Child's More Likely To Feel Guilt & Shame In A Particular Situation

What you need to know

This is a great age to teach your child on how to be a good human being. His sense of moral is high and he is also empathetic towards others. You can help develop his feeling of empathy towards others and emotional intelligence by encouraging him to be vocal about how he feels about different things and situations. You will also have to help him sometimes and work together to make him understand how he feels when he is having difficulty understanding his complex emotions.

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