Your Child's Motor Progress Can Soar High With Piano or Guitar Lessons

By this stage, your child has started developing advanced fine motor skills, such as writing, painting, coloring and finger dexterity. This is when you could start their piano or guitar lessons.You have seen children perform like a maestro on guitars and the piano and want your child to learn it as well. But you often wonder if it could be too much for a child. Well, it’s actually not! Just make sure that sports and play aren’t hindered and your child doesn’t feel overburdened.

What you need to know 

Choosing between piano and guitar is difficult for most parents. After all, they don’t want a child to learn something that’s too difficult for their age. So, what should you choose? Well, it should be known that both are equally difficult, but piano could be a viable option as guitar requires slightly more advanced level of finger dexterity.Your Child's Motor Progress Can Soar High With Piano or Guitar Lessons

If you do notice that your child has good eye-hand coordination and penchant for music, you can use them by teaching them violin, which is more difficulty than guitar or piano. Otherwise, piano gives several other benefits such as easy tuning, ability to easily remember notes or experiment with tunes.




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