Your Child's Muscles Are Refining Now

Has your child started printing numeric and alphabetic letters more clearly? You must be happy now, as your child has started developing his fine motor skills.

What you need to know

You might see your child getting up and getting ready himself, tying shoelaces and doing other such tasks. Don’t get surprised by this as your child has just started developing his fine motor skills. You as a parent need to support your child both intellectually and emotionally. To develop these skills in your child you can make them learn in a way they will enjoy.

Your Child's Muscles Are Refining Now

For example buy him a bicycle that will act both as a plaything as well as fitness equipment for him. Dance is another fun way you can help your child in the development of these skills. So, support your kid in this phase as from here on, he will develop muscular strength and become physically strong.

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