Your Child's Need For Self Esteem

Your Child's Need For Self Esteem
Emotional Development

At this age you may see your child behaving like one who takes his own stand on what’s right or not. It is important for your child to understand his self-worth and be able to take the decisions for himself in different situations. Building the self esteem or confidence of your child may seem to be a hefty responsibility, but is a very necessary one. But do not get angry or irritated as this is the phase where he is still developing his confidence skills. 

What you need to know
Your motive as a parent must be to encourage your child and ensure that he develops self pride and respect in himself and his cultural roots as well. This will only develop confidence and make your child ready for various challenges that he may come across in the future.

With various examples in a playful manner, you can allow your child to build self confidence within him with the help of some games like chess etc. Just support him and in a loving manner explain when your child might seem wrong to you.

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