Your Child's Now Able To Jump Over A Rope About 20-30 cm Above Ground

Your child is able to jump over a rope with ease as he is better with his motor skills. His balancing and coordination skills are well developed now and he can take on challenging play activities. He is able to combine jumping and landing easily.  While jumping over the rope, he remembers two steps, turning first and then jump. He also learns timing, sequencing and being focussed while doing this activity. Your Child's Now Able To Jump Over A Rope About 20-30 cm Above Ground

What you need to know

Motivate your child as he tries to jump over the rope. If he is reluctant to try, just work on the basics. You can start with keeping the rope on the ground and show how to jump over it. Then turn the rope nice and slow. Finally, jump. With practice and perseverance, he will learn the skill.




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