Your Child's Now Able To Participate In A Wide Range Of Physical Activities At Varying Levels

At this stage, for proper development of your little one, he has to have the ability to move his body and explore the environment. It leads to knowledge and understanding about the world and how he fits into it. Physical activities involves the large muscles of the body that enables maintaining balance, walking, climbing, jumping, pushing, pulling and ball skills. This is building the blocks for the development of fine motor skills.  These activities are keys to providing your little one to help his motor skills develop.Your Child's Now Able To Participate In A Wide Range Of Physical Activities At Varying Levels

What you need to know

At this point, you will notice that your little one will be able to move confidently in and around our environment. He is able to control his body movements while balancing, running, jumping or throwing. He can easily co-ordinate his arms and legs when he is cycling or climbing. He is responding to speed, direction and also force of movements. You should always motivate him and also try to build his enthusiasm and curiosity level. 

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