Your Child's Now Able To Read/Write Using Correct Tenses & Grammar

Your child will be able to use different aspects of English Grammar correctly while reading and writing. She now knows using present tense(is and are), past tense(was and were) and future tense(will and shall) to describe actions happened at different times.

She will be able to expand and complete or rearrange a simple sentence like ‘The girl watched the game.' While writing, she will capitalize names of people, days, countries, etc. She will also know about punctuation marks, singular and plural nouns. She will use her knowledge of grammar to become a better reader, communicator and writer.

Your Child's Now Able To Read/Write Using Correct Tenses & Grammar

What you need to know

Help your child refer to the dictionary to clarify spelling or knowing the meaning of the word. Worksheets on grammar will help her revise the basic concepts. Activities like writing in a journal, creative writing on age appropriate topics will improve her language and writing skills.




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