Your Child's Now Aware Of His Routines & Is Able To Follow Through

Your child knows his daily schedule now. The morning ritual before leaving for school and the after school routine till bedtime is very familiar to him. Weekends are somewhat flexible. Your child’s  typical week day will have tasks like getting ready for school, having breakfast and leaving for school. Once he is back from school, he finishes his homework, has a snack, pursues an organized sport or outdoor play, has dinner, packs his school bag, reads a book and goes to bed. A predictable routine teaches him discipline and responsibility.Your Child's Now Aware Of His Routines & Is Able To Follow Through

What you can do

Be firm and consistent so that your child adheres to the routine. Plan and prioritize the work in the schedule. 

Ensure that the bedtime ritual is unwinding for him. After a day at school and other activities, talk to your child about his day. Having dinner together is a great way to bond and know about each other’s day. Reading his favourite story book or listening to music will also help him relax.




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