Your Child's Now Likely To Use Logic In Order To Understand Daily Events

This is the age of tremendous cognitive development for your child. Your baby is now moving from his world of fantasy into the world of logic and reasoning. He is now able to organize his thoughts cohesively and narrate them to you. Your baby has started thinking of him as an independent entity and is capable of using his understanding and logic to solve simple everyday problems. You can even sit down and logic with him to some extent and this would come in handy to pacify him when he is throwing a fit for something.Your Child's Now Likely To Use Logic In Order To Understand Daily Events

What you need to know

Your child’s logical thinking is still developing and as of now is limited to concrete and physically present things only. He is unable to logically think about abstract or hypothetical situations that he has still not experienced. Your child is now also able to see and understand the other person’s point of view to some extent.

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