Your Child’s Number Knowledge Will Now Exceed To 1000!

Your Child’s Number Knowledge Will Now Exceed To 1000!

Your child starts developing his favorites. This is the age his mathematical skills as well as his language skills develop majorly. He might start developing a flair for numbers. He would even be able to count up to 1000.
What you need to know
The way your kid approaches mathematics takes a leap in this age. He would be able to solve problems strategically. He can even perform simple mathematical calculations. He would understand the concept of 3-digit numbers. He might develop his own strategies and patterns to remember numbers up to 1000.
He might start mentally solving simple problems. He might understand the concept of sequences. He would also be able to figure out the proximity concepts in the sequence and thus would be able to figure out simple problems like finding which number is the closest to a given number.
As a parent, do not panic if your kid doesn’t exhibit any of these. Each kid is different. Devise a method to teach your child Mathematics. Some kids flair well in word problems, few in algebra and few in geometrics. Figure out what works for your kid and use that approach to encourage his love for numbers.




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