Your Child's Opinions Will Be Driven By Their Association With Peers

Your Child's Opinions Will Be Driven By Their Association With Peers
Verbal language

Your child will now want to mingle with friends and peers for playing, learning. The child who seemed to be playing alone or just observing others will try to participate in team activities and make friends. It is important to note that they tend to play and form teams with their own gender children and this is normal.

What you need to know 
At this age they start to think of others and will be sensitive to others’ feelings also. So they expand their horizons and become close to one or more buddies. They also will get attached to elders other than parents, like teachers, their friends’ elder siblings, uncles, aunts etc and will show concern for their opinions. They will start showing more responsibility towards their things. Sharing, empathy about others, involving in class activities can be seen.

Though they understand the rules put down by peers and elders, they would like to make their own rules also. They would always like to win and do not take losing cheerfully. You might also find them lying and stealing as they would not have developed fully the sense of right and wrong. They like to question when they are disciplined and when they see the same discipline not followed in case of the elders or siblings. They enjoy going to school.