Your Child's Perceptual Reasoning Skills will Get Better Now

Your Child's Perceptual Reasoning Skills will Get Better Now

As your child is developing his understanding of various concepts in Maths, good perceptual reasoning skills become more critical for his success. Through perceptual reasoning your child will visualize better, thus improving his understanding while dealing with non verbal information.

What you need to do

One way to work on your child's perceptual reasoning is to practice matching games. This will help him to recognize and compare visual information. For example, ask your child to find as many red colour things in the house as possible. Another way is to challenge your child to match words and pictures. This will reinforce the association between a written word and visual image. Play memory games which will build both his memory and matching skills. For instance, in a card there are symbols drawn on pairs and covered by tokens. He has to lift the token and look for the appropriate match.

Another tool to improve your child's perceptual reasoning is to make him identify differences. This will help him know whether a thing belongs or not. For instance, set up a group of items like 3 fruits and a ball. Let your child identify which object does not belong. Also there are magazines where exercises on "spot the difference" pictures are given. Encourage your child to spot as many differences as possible.

By applying the above tools, your child will draw conclusions and form concepts, thereby mastering handling of non verbal information.

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