Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Will Now Gradually Erupt

Your Child’s Permanent Teeth Will Now Gradually Erupt
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Your child will lose his baby teeth and it will be replaced by permanent teeth from now on.

What you need to know

The falling off of ‘Baby teeth' begins at around 6 years in most children, though sometimes it may happen at around 5 years too. The transition from deciduous teeth to permanent teeth ends at around the age of 12 to 13. At around 6 years, the first permanent molar teeth also known as ‘six-year molar’ will erupt.

What you can do

During the transition phase, your child may find it difficult to chew, however do ensure that your child continues to eat healthy food. Make sure that your child follows a routine of brushing teeth twice a day–morning and night and takes extra care around the loose teeth. However, never pull out a loose tooth before it is ready to fall out as doing so may cause pain and infection. Also, make sure that tooth brushes are replaced every 3-4 months.

Losing teeth can be an anxiety-filled time for your child. Sometimes it is termed as ‘the ugly duckling’ phase with gaps between teeth. You can help your child feel better about it celebrating each time a tooth falls off. Make him understand that it is just a part of growing up. There are many enjoyable stories around the idea of a falling tooth. Get him to read them.