Your Child's Physique is Shaping Up- But Is He Ready For Sports?

By 3 years of age, your child develops a good control of their torso and can walk well, without stumbling. Watching your child trying to run with their feet going in different directions is cute. At the same time, it is a reminder of the fact that they are developing beautifully.

But running is a different thing! Running may involve them falling on the ground or they may run slowly. This is where you should encourage more physical activity for your child, at home as well as at preschool to motivate your kid to develop their physical and motor skills. 

Your Child's Physique is Shaping Up- But Is He Ready For Sports?

What you need to know

While children of all ages need a lot of physical activity, is it the right time for your 3 year old to start sports? Well, it is and it isn’t! Whether or not your child is ready for sports learning is a personal consideration and should be dependent on your child’s preference for physical activities. For instance, if your child doesn’t have difficulties in running, you can try sports like cricket or football.

But if they are still quite unbalanced, you might want to start with simple running games, taking the sports up a notch when they develop skills.

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