Your Child’s Play Is Now More Complex

At this age, becoming a policeman, a superhero to save the world, or going to office like his dad, are some of the roles that you might start to see your child act out. 

What you need to know:

At this point, drama and fantasy are at its peak level. As your kid's attention span has increased he can play for longer now. He will now start inventing complex and dramatic scenes on his own. Involving you or his friends will be a part of this pretend play. Clothes, toys and other household items all become a part of it. Along with various props, the use of language can be seen in developing various characters and themes. You will be amazed to see your child acting out scenarios from things he has observed. It could be any TV character, someone from outside or even you.

Your Child’s Play Is Now More Complex

‘Let’s pretend’ is a commonly heard sentence from your child. Enacting these scenarios and changing props also reflect his changing interests. Pretend play is essential not only for his development of language but also for his cognitive, social and emotional development. Just like any other skill, he needs opportunity to practice this skill everyday.    




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