Your Child's Reading Habits Can Totally Be Nurtured Well- Find Out How

Your five-year-old is eagerly exploring the world around him and learning new things each day. Among all the other things that he may learn from, books probably will give him the most insight about several things at a time. But, as a parent, inculcating the reading habit in your child can be quite a harrowing task. It is certainly not so with all kids. But the majority of them will find sitting with a book a rather boring pastime compared to all the jumping and whooping he can do.

What you need to know 

This problem here is more to do with the attention span that a child needs while reading a book. Well, the best way to combat this is to read bed time stories. Just before sleep, when your kid is tired, read him something that he would like to hear at the end of the day. Don't make the mistake of reading him something that you like and not something he likes. Take out 15 minutes every night and start reading and explaining a story to him. Slowly, make this a habit, and by the time your child is capable of handling a complete text on his own, you can give him the book to read and listen to him attentively. Having an audience for anything is gratifying for a child.

What you can do

Take your little one to book shops and help him choose what interests him. Don't force him to read any specific genre. Remember, what you read as a child, your child might not be interested in at all. So, ensure that you respect his choice, and allow him to read what he likes. This way, slowly and steadily your child will develop a fondness for books and this habit will remain for life.Your Child's Reading Habits Can Totally Be Nurtured Well- Find Out How

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