Your Child's Reading Habits Need To Strengthen For Better Cognition

At this stage, your child is learning new things every day of their life and is more enthusiastic, eager to learn. Academically they are learning new words, putting together words and making sentences, getting to know about grammar and tenses, basic punctuation, comprehension, etc. 

In a nutshell, your kiddo loves to read. However, this habit needs to be more strengthened so that his cognitive skills get better further.

Your Child's Reading Habits Need To Strengthen For Better Cognition

What you need to know 
Reading non-academic books like short stories and articles suited to their age, gives children a triumph of achieving something. Studies have shown that a good reading habit, when inculcated at a younger age, grows along with the child and helps your child to know about cultures, gain knowledge and independence. It helps them to understand the world better in terms of socializing and their perception of life changes.

Earlier, as a parent you would have been reading to them or narrating stories to them. Develop the habit in them of reading short stories at this age and encourage them as they grow older. Get them a library card if you have a library nearby and let them discover the different categories in the world of reading. Reading helps them to improve their vocabulary, enhance their literacy skills and exposes them to a whole lot of other additional knowledge apart from what they get from TV & academics. Reading, when developed as a hobby keeps them engaged anytime, anywhere.

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