Your Child's Ready For A Coordination Building Exercise- See What Is It!

Your Child's Ready For A Coordination Building Exercise- See What Is It!
Muscle Strength

At this stage, chances are likely that your child might have lost interest in static toys. Well, make the best use of this phase by introducing her to cycling. Cycling is a great way to exercise for people of all age groups and is also a great learning tool for your 4+ year old.

Most children in this age group are ready for bicycles. Your child has now learnt to balance and co-ordinate which are the basic needs of cycling. So, you can now remove the training wheels and help your child master the skills of a bicycle.

What you need to know
Cycling is a great way to achieve and strengthen the gross motor skills. As your child pedals, the muscles of the legs develop in strength and agility. Pedalling is a great exercise for the complete lower body exercise. Having a firm grip on the handle and making tiny movements to change course will refine the hand movements as well.

As your child grips the break and squeezes it, the muscles of the palm and fingers develop. This will help your child in so many other activities where finger movement if required.

Cycling also promotes good coordination and motor planning while controlling the speed and direction of the bike. Good posture and core body strength are other physical advantages for your child in cycling regularly.

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