Your Child's Realisation Of Choices Is Growing, Especially For Food

Your Child's Realisation Of Choices Is Growing, Especially For Food

Your 7 year old child is increasingly becoming more independent and self-confident. This is the age when parents need to start taking a step back and only monitor and guide. Continuous supervision is neither required nor appreciated by your child.

Your child has now started making decisions and asserting choices and preferences. They will choose their own friends, what they want to play, when they want to play and also the food they want to eat. Children this age have strong likes and dislikes when it comes to food.

What you need to know

You will notice that there is a major fluctuation in the eating pattern of your child daily. One day they would be famished and eating everything, another day they will only nibble at their favourite food. Instead of focussing on each meal, try to look at the overall daily picture to see that the right amount of nutrition has been taken. Food rich in calcium, protein and carbohydrate are very important for growing children.

What you can do

Try to give your child more variety of healthy food choices and frequent meals. Your child may not be too keen on a sit down meal with many dishes. Instead spread out the major food components in small meals throughout the day. This will also keep your child’s energy levels high all day long.

Remember your child is still in the growing year and the correct diet is important for the right physical and cognitive development. Food is one battle that you will have to constantly fight with your child and also win.

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