Your Child's Skills Are Progressing, But Forcing Can Be A Hindrance

Your Child's Skills Are Progressing, But Forcing Can Be A Hindrance

At this stage, your child's progress is happening in multitudes, both physically, as well as mentally. Parenting can be tricky at times. While on one hand you feel you must teach everything you can, there are also times when you should refrain from forcing your child to do something. Even though there are quite a lot of things that you shouldn't force your kid to do, here are a few that must be followed rather diligently.

What you need to know 
Firstly, never force your child to get close to an adult he doesn't feel comfortable with. Instead respect his opinion and try to know what keeps him away. Secondly, don't force with food. At times you might feel that he must eat this, and resort to other easier ways of making him understand than pushing him to eat. It is important to have a liking for the food the child is eating. Thirdly, don't force your child to read what he doesn't like. Rather give him only those books that he will enjoy reading. Forcing him to read books that he doesn't like will lead to him stop reading altogether.
Fourthly, don't force in matters of extracurricular activities. Every child has a different set of interests. If someone is interested in sports, the other will be interested in music or painting. Try to understand his talent and choice, and decide accordingly. And lastly, never force your child to befriend someone he isn't comfortable with. Peers have a huge influence on kids and if the child is not comfortable with anyone, ensure that you respect this. These five things will ensure that the child is growing in a healthy and free environment, and thus will bring immense positivity in his development.